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Micro learning has become the new standard for delivering small bite sized learning and knowledge objects. SME's can easily create compelling dynamic content from existing assets.

Employee Productivity

Leverage our experience, services and tools to optimize your business, lean existing processes, increase employee productivity and accelerate your sales team close more business.

Sales Content & Tools

Our services and tools ensure that the right content is delivered in the right format and in context with your company's needs by helping you source, repurpose and create interactive content.

Capture Knowledge & Launch Your Interactive Content
With Activator

Our solutions virtually eliminate the silos of knowledge found within your various departments. We help you capture, curate and create knowledge based interactive content for your audience which is structured, cohesive and disciplined to maximize the learning experience for all your employees. The resulting content can be delivered to and accessed from virtually any platform: a website, CRM system, sales enablement platform, email, SMS text, etc. as well as being consumed on any device.

Activator is an all-in-one SaaS solution built on industry leading technologies. We facilitate your organization's shift to active learning. Activator lifts the restrictions associated with the delivery and tracking of rich-interactive content. Using Activator, Subject Matter Experts deliver a steady stream of contributions that sales enablement, marketing and L&D can continuouly assemble into a wide range of mobile optimized interactive learning content with measurements tied back to experience and performance.

We enable the effective transfer of knowledge to and from your employees, partners, prospects and customers.
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Brilliant, Aside from supporting all of our training efforts, we now have a way to effectively capture, manage and deliver all the "tribal" knowlege our reps need to be successful!

Lisa Contini

Head of WW Sales Enablement
Palo Alto Networks

Using Activator and working with the team, they completely changed the way we approached content for supporting the field. With their help, I know our efforts will be successful.

Joe Grovanz

VP Sales Operations
Premier Inc.

Excellent. We now have a business platform where our team can capture, curate, organize and collaborate on various projects through the use of Evernote for Business across multiple devices.

Maria Reyes

VP Operations

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Upload existing content such as video's, PPTs, PDFs, images, audiofiles and URLs. Content is automatically converted into HTML5 for use in the Activator creation tools.


Enhance your content by easily assembling and authoring interactive videos, menus, courses and micro learnings with simple to use visual creation tools and controls.

Manage & Track

Use tools to collaborate and keep the content flowing into the hands of the people that need. Deep analytics show you the viewers experience.

Perfect Solution For All Your
Business Productivity Needs

Evernote Business is a company wide initiative where all the various departments can be structured and all their documents, notes, procedures, attachments can be maintained in one place, or specific notes can be shared across a department, team or the entire company. The capability of Evernote Business can be further enhanced through the integration with many popular apps such as SalesForce, Zendesk, Expensify and many others. For more complex integrations where information has to be passed to and from Evernote, its made possible through the use of configurable API's.

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